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Babylon Limousine provides a bouquet of wedding services. Limousine services is only one of them. If customers demand and we provide the very best in limousine services, you can be sure the same standard of excellence applies to wedding photography Toronto, available from us.

Wedding photography records the evocative moment of a wedding for posterity. Down the years, you may take out the album and relive those joyful moments of your wedding captured so beautifully in print. Wedding is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime event at which the wedding photographer plays a very important part. We have expert, trained, qualified and creative photographers on our panel to ensure perfection in results and satisfaction for clients. Once you book wedding photography services, you will get to talk with our photographer who will be in attendance at the wedding. He will take photos of the couple for use in the invitation cards and announcements. He will be present to capture images of the bride and/or the groom getting ready, images of the bridesmaids, the interaction between them and the bride. The photographer remains present all the time and works unobtrusively, capturing great moments. The highlight is the wedding ceremony where his expertise and experience come into action. You can see this when we present you with prints. The wedding, the banquet, the reception, photoshoots at various locales in Toronto, all are included in the package.

Special attention is given to posed photographs of the couple at the church, at the reception, at home and other locations with scenic backdrops for stunning images, especially when they are blown up to large size prints. Wedding photography in Toronto takes advantages of various very beautiful places where the bride and the groom can be posed for lovely photographs. For us photographs are not just images of light and shade and of various colors. Photographs capture that essential moment, show that fleeting emotion and each photo tells a story by itself. This is the mark of a truly talented and experienced photographer.

We have the best equipments and use full frame 35mm Digital SLR for the entire event and medium format SLR for posed photographs that need to be printed in giant size. During the ceremony our photographer uses an array of lenses for a wonderful impact to the print. Extreme wide angle in interiors with very little space to back up will give you dramatic photographs. Long telephoto shoots and wide angle are used to achieve that dramatic impact where and when needed. Photographs are a delightful montage of moods and emotions you will simply love to see time and again.

Our photographers do traditional wedding photography, posed photography and photojournalistic style of photography for your wedding. If need be he will accompany the wedding party and make sure all important moments are captured in a style Henri Cartier Bresson would approve of. You will find him courteous and gracious when he asks you and other members to pose for photographs to have perfect photographs.

Wedding photography Toronto takes hundreds of photographs throughout the day. We will present proof prints of photographs to you so that you can select only those photos that appeal to you. Some selected photographs are printed in standard size of 4x6 inches or 5x7 prints; a select few are blown up to a large size and some into medium sized prints according to your choice. Clients also get a DVD compilation of the wedding photographs. Comprehensive wedding photography is our forte. Contact us for deals and packages in wedding photography.


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