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Babylon Limousine provides limousines for weddings as part of its umbrella wedding services. Wedding videography is another important aspect of a wedding. We have a team of expert videographers, using our own equipment for shooting as well as a computer based backend video editing facility. Quality of wedding videos compares well with professional cinematography. This is due as much to the quality of equipment as to the absolute professionalism of wedding videographer Toronto.

Our wedding videographers have years of experience in recording for posterity those very special evocative moments of a wedding. They bring to bear insight, skill and creative talents. They use light, shadows, emotions and expressions as tools for an impressive video. On this special day, there is joy, tenderness, laughter and tears. Our expert captures these moments with the right degree of sensitivity and brings them to life on the screen.

When we take up wedding videography for you, we mount a cinematic production. To capture the vital moments and present them more effectively, the actual ceremony may be shot from different angles with lighting arranged beforehand. Our wedding videographers are expert at using existing light, enhancing it with artificial lighting and using specially arranged lighting for a more natural but well lighted scene. You can see the brilliance of our wedding videography in the scenes of misty eyes or simply shots of couples holding hands with fingers intertwined. Our videographers capture poignant moments of the wedding. There are other little happenings involving the guests and friends during the wedding, at the reception, at the house of the couple and moments from interaction between those of the wedding party are captured to form a part of the whole mosaic.

In order to get the best result we use the best video equipments such as the Phantom line of high speed cameras that permit rendition of extremely slow motion scenes and the by now famous Red Camera with its ultra high definition capabilities and use of DSLR lenses for some striking scenes. At the back end we use only the latest computer equipment with high end video editing software to prepare a composite video of the day’s events. The edited video resembles a professionally produced film.

Our videographers visit the locations to have a first hand idea of the lighting and shooting angles before the actual event. They get to know family members and friends to include them in the video. The ceremony at the church is shot unobtrusively without disturbing the priest, the couple or the guests but never missing a vital moment.

For this once in a lifetime occasion, trust us to provide you wedding videographers Toronto just like thousands have trusted us and happily recommended us to others. What we deliver is a creation of light and emotions. Just as there are package deals on our limousines, Babylon Limousine also has various deals for in wedding videography.


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